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A community of daring change-makers creating social movements through campaigns and advocacy work. We are proud to partner with the organizations making the world a better place while focusing on diversity, equity, +++



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Ambar Januel

Ambar Januel is a creative marketing consultant for non-profits, creative organizations, and future-forward tech companies, as well as the communications manager at Good Call NYC. With a focus on companies that are conscious of social impact, her partners utilize future technologies to disrupt the system, while prioritizing diversity and inclusion, community engagement, and social justice. She was awarded top 25 business women in Los Angeles by Walkers Legacy, is a Google Next Gen Tech Policy Leader, and a Restless Development USA board member. She has been featured at a variety of conferences and publications, including 7in7, Women in Tech LA, Vanity Fair, Travel Tech Con, Huffington Post, Forbes, Digital LA, Honeybook, WeRule, and more.

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Daiquiri Ryan

Daiquiri Ryan is a Tejana and first generation lawyer with a passion for social justice and technology. She is a new type of advocate with skills beyond traditional expectations. With an emphasis on movement building, Daiquiri’s keen eye for design and excellent writing pose her as a visionary in project management. Being a storyteller and change maker for voices of color are at the center of her strategic policy and marketing solutions. Daiquiri is a Google Next Gen Policy leader and has been featured at conferences and in publications across the country including, Forbes, Tech Dirt, LULAC’s State of Latinx and Latinx Tech Summit, Creative Control, Mosaic, and the Brooklyn Eagle.

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